Search Backflow Assembly Tests and CSI's by Property Address
When entering the Property Street Name DO NOT INCLUDE street prefixes and suffixes.

  • Do not include prefixes such as: N, S, E, W, NE, NW or North, South, East, West, etc
  • Do not include street suffixes such as: Street, St, Circle, Cir, Court, Ct, Blvd, etc

  • Prefixes and suffixes can be entered inconsistantly and will effect the accuracy of your search.
    For example, a test may be entered as "East Smith Boulevard" but you may search for "E Smith Blvd"
    and no results will be found. For the most accurate results just enter the main part of the street name, "Smith".

    Water Supplier:  
    Property Street Number:     
    Property Street Name:   Example: Enter "E Smith Blvd" as "Smith".
    Do not include the "E" prefix and "Blvd" suffix.

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